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The Need for Funding

There are many questions and problems that we must solve for cancer research, and there are very few resources available to fund cancer research. While funding from National Institutes of Health and Foundations can fund a fraction of research, we rely on philanthropic donations to further cancer research.

Donations are especially important since the National Institutes of Health and Foundations are less likely to fund high risk ideas which have the greatest potential to change how we approach cancer.

In addition to high risk ideas, we also need to recruit the brightest young scientists to work on cancer research.

How can you help? Get involved!

  • Come meet the Scientists that make up our Team. Find out about the passion that drives them to end cancer.
  • Visit the Precision Cancer Medicine Lab for a hands-on tour.
  • Become a philanthropic partner and pick a specific cancer research topic and help solve that problem.
  • You can also choose to help fund a young scientist and their high risk ideas. Donations can be made for the following Fund:
    • The Precision Cancer Medicine Fund #315680​

For more information, please contact:

Nan Halley Steyn
Director of Development
The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
660 Ackerman Road, 6th Floor
Columbus, OH  43218
Mobile:  (740)404-9311
Office:  (614)685-5856