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“Precision cancer medicine” refers to a new standard of cancer care based on genomics that is making its way into the clinic. The word “‘precision’ refers to the use of genomic technologies that provide additional information to aid cancer diagnosis and treatment. Precision cancer medicine is already having a profound influence on clinical cancer care and clinical trial design, and it likely will move us away from the current organ based classification of cancer to a molecular-based taxonomy.

Research conducted by the Roychowdhury Laboratory Team includes Basic Cancer Research and Translational Cancer Genomics.

We are a multi-disciplinary group with Team Members who have expertise in diverse fields including Cancer Genomics, Computational Biology/Computer Science, Cancer Biology, Drug Development, Molecular Diagnostics, and Medical Oncology.

Basic Cancer Research is about the core principles of cancer, while Translational Cancer Research is about using this knowledge to take care of patients through clinical trials. Together, as a multi-disciplinary team, we:

  • Evaluate and care for patients through clinical trials
  • Study the genetics of cancer using next generation sequencing
  • Match patients to new smart drugs in trials
  • Evaluate the benefit from such therapies
  • Study how drugs affect the cancer
  • Strive to develop rational combination treatments for patients