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Translational Cancer Genomics

Precision Cancer Clinic

We offer a consultation clinic for patients with advanced, metastatic cancers for second opinions regarding their cancer. We provide informed consent, discussing risks and benefits of our clinical study, OSU-13053: Precision Cancer Medicine for Advanced Cancer Through High-throughput Sequencing (NCT02090530). Interested patients must inquire with their hematologist/oncologists first to determine whether they are eligible for such a study.

Precision Tumor Board

We coordinate weekly Precision Tumor Board (PTB), to discuss results and interpretation of genomic testing for patients with advanced, metastatic cancer. This format includes multi-disciplinary expertise with medical oncologists, hematologists, pathologist, genomic scientists, computational biologists, genetic counselors, and cancer biologists.

Genomics-driven clinical trials

We participate and develop clinical trials that treat patients with advanced and metastatic cancer based on their molecular features rather than the primary site of disease alone. We develop Investigator-Initiated Trials and also participate in Industry-Sponsored studies through a Genomics-Based Trials Group at OSU’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Clinical grade genomic testing: Development

Our lab uses next generation sequencing technologies for both research and clinical sequencing. We develop novel genomic tests that can be migrated and validated in a dedicated clinical grade, CLIA-certified Cancer Genomics Laboratory (CGL). This lab performs testing for clinical trials only and is not a commercial entity or product.